People purchase hot tubs for a variety of reasons. Not only do hot tubs add beauty to your home, they soothe your aching muscles and joints while relaxing your entire body and mind. Using your hot tub on a regular basis may result in improved circulation and contribute to a more restful night's sleep.
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Hot Tub Maintenance

Nothing could be better than the idea of soaking your tired muscles in a soothing hot tub after a long day. Hot tubs can help you soothe your aches and pains pains, reduce stress, and improve your sleep.

Existing and potential users have a lot of questions about hot tub maintenance. Hot tub maintenance costs and time are fairly low, and you can do it yourself as well. It’s important to maintain hot tubs for the life of your equipment and spa, water clarity, and to ensure they are safe to use.

You need to adhere to a strict hot tub maintenance schedule to maintain a tub. This will dramatically reduce the risk of rashes and other bacterial or chemically caused health problems.

Test your hot tub water about two to four times a week. Depends on how often you use the hot tub.  You need to keep hot tub water clean by keeping the water balanced within acceptable ranges. You should maintain chemical levels by adding chemicals in proper quantities.

• Chlorine should be 1.0- 3.0 ppm

• Bromine should be 2.0- 4.0 ppm

• pH should be 7.4- 7.6 ppm

• Total alkalinity should be 80- 120 ppm

• Calcium hardness should be 150- 250 ppm

Maintaining a record of your test results and making notes on adjustments is a great move. In many cases, you’ll notice patterns in water chemistry, especially with sanitizer and pH levels. Tap water serves as a good spa water source in many areas. But in some areas, you might run into water quality issues.  As in well water.

Hard or soft water, pH imbalance, high alkalinity, chloramines, minerals, or metals can negatively impact your water chemistry. Utilize a test kit to test your hot tub water directly from the source. You will be able to gauge the sustainability of the tap water in your spa. You can also use a spa pre-filter to remove odors, metals, and fine silt from your hot tub.

Step by Step Guide to Hot Tub Maintenance