Hot tub maintenance is not always easy, and some people don’t perform their maintenance particularly well. If you end up ignoring your hot tub then it's possible that you might end up reducing its lifespan or even developing more serious problems that you have to pay a lot to get repaired. In this guide, we’re exploring the tips to hot tub care and spa maintenance so that for a small investment of time and a little bit of money, you can end up with a hot tub that runs and flows perfectly and can last for a number of years with no need for repairs.


Circulation is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your hot tub and something that people often totally forget about.   So what do we mean by circulation?

This usually involves a hot tub maintenance schedule that makes the hot tub run smoothly, often for just 20 minutes. This makes sure water is pumping and cycling around for awhile every single day. Why is this important? Well, it passes water through the filters inside your hot tub. This means that instead of contaminants building up in the water they get removed.

A lot of hot tubs will do this on an automatic cycle so you don’t have to worry about setting it up manually, but there are some that don’t offer this. Make sure that if this is the case you do it manually to get the filters doing their job and keep the water in good condition.

There are some additional tips that can help with maintaining your hot tub water quality. Some people add tennis balls or even put microfiber cloths in the tub once in a while, these will soak a lot of the things that you have added to the water up. Oils, soaps and other products may go from your skin to the water (Phosphates), but the fibers of these products help to absorb them.

Cleaning schedule:

The hot tub maintenance schedule is one of the absolute key components of this, and having at least a rough idea of when things need to get done can ensure that you don’t forget about things and let the hot tub become damaged or in poor condition as a result.