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Swimming Pool Opening Packages - 2024

With temperatures rising, it’s time to welcome the long-awaited pool opening season!

Opening your swimming pool for the summer can be a daunting task and most homeowners choose to leave it to professionals. VIP Pools and Spas offers a number of pool opening packages so you can choose just the services you need without overpaying for the ones you don't. BOOK TODAY !

Pool Openings


Pool Care

Swimming pool care can seem like an overwhelming task that you may outsource to the pool pros. Don’t become intimidated by all the pool chemicals and test kits. Once you have all the supplies and follow a pool cleaning schedule, you’ll find the task is manageable. Take pride in your pool and you’ll feel better having cleaned the swimming pool next time you’re floating on a rubber duck with a beer in your hand.




Hot Tub Water Care

Hot tub water care is very important. These are the four main areas that you need to keep an eye on to keep your water clean, heathy and looking clear:


  • Your pH level
  • Your Total Alkalinity level
  • Your chlorine (or bromine) level
  • Your Calcium Hardness level

Keeping a grip on these four areas will give you the best chance at keeping your hot tub water clean and safe to use during all the hot tub seasons.


Your pH level is often considered one of the most important area of hot tub water care. pH is how we measure how acidic or basic your hot tub water is. A pH level that is too high or too low can damage your hot tub equipment, irritate your skin and eyes, cause cloudy or hazy water, and keep your sanitizer from working effectively

The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14. The acceptable range for pH in a hot tub is somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8.


Total Alkalinity is a measurement of the concentration of all the alkaline substances dissolved in your hot tub's water (primarily carbonates, bicarbonates and hydroxides). These alkaline substances act as a buffer for pH in your water by neutralizing acids. To put it simply, total alkalinity is the measurement of how well anchored your pH level will be. This is a key component of hot tub water care. If your alkalinity level is too low, you will notice your pH level changes too quickly and will be hard to keep balanced. If your alkalinity level is too high, your pH level will be very difficult to adjust. Extremely high or low alkalinity can also cause damage to your equipment, cause scale build up, and skin/eye irritation.

Total Alkalinity is measured in parts per million (ppm). The acceptable range for this level is between 90ppm and 120ppm.

Chlorine / Bromine Level 

Your chlorine level (often referred to as your free chlorine level) is a measurement of how much chlorine you have available in your water to kill bacteria. Chlorine and other sanitizers are used to effectively disinfect your water and keep it fresh. If your chlorine level is too low, you run the risk of bacteria growing in your water. If your chlorine level is too high, you run the risk of damaging your equipment, irritating your skin and eyes, Destroying pillows and head rests, and lowering your pH below normal levels.

Free chlorine is measured in parts per million (ppm). The acceptable range for this level is between 1.ppm and 3ppm.

Calcium Hardness

Your calcium hardness level is a measurement of minerals in your water, including calcium and magnesium. It is important that your water have a right hardness level, as water without enough calcium will corrode or eat away at your hot tub equipment as it draws minerals from your equipment to balance out the calcium deficit. If your calcium hardness is too high, you will notice a buildup of scale around the edges of your tub and your water may become cloudy.

Calcium hardness is measured in parts per million (ppm). The acceptable range for this level is between 120ppm and 250ppm.

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