Whether you've just purchased a home with a hot tub, or you've installed a brand new hot tub, there's nothing worse than getting ready to try it out only to discover that it doesn't work. This can be a pain.

We've had a few customer hot tubs brake down just before March Break, Christmas, and New Years.  Around those days its very hard to have a pool & hot tub company come out and fix the problem.  Even if you do get someone out, its possible the pool & hot tub company has to order the part in.  Sometimes, that takes weeks.    

You can book a service call  just to make sure things don't go wrong on that day.  You should call about 2 weeks ahead of your party or get together.    Book Today


Drain / Clean & Refill by hose:   __         __$250.00 plus HST


Hot tub Repairs:      Mon. - Fri _______    $85.00 per hour + HST

Weekly Maintenance           Call for Quote




Bi-Weekly Maintenance                  Call for Quote





Hot tub Repairs:      Sat. - Sun._______   $100.00 per hour + HST


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Hot Tub Services

Over time, Scum lines, scale lines, and mineral deposits can build at the waterline on your spas surface. This provides an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and algae. We recommend you clean your hot tub every 2 or 3 weeks. To remove these lines easily and prevent them appearing follow these steps below.  To find out more about the harm of not taking care of your hot tub water, go too the CDC web site. 




If your needing a maintenance call or just need advice on cleaning your hot tub or spa, Call Us;  (705) 229-6157 or Email Us;  info@vippools.